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. a sex scandal that is spinning out of control. the new 911 tapes from the socialite at the stern of this scandal. and please, we begin the holiday season, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. . good morning, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. steve, do you think we can squeeze out a good day? >> yes, we have started off the past few days with 70-degree
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temperatures and it will be on the mild to warm side with a few low, even a couple of 70s and here is sal. traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise with no major problems and the morning commute looks good as you drive into the city with no major problems on the span. late night explosion and fire inside san francisco city hall. the smoke spread through the building including the rotunda. claudine wong is there and pg&e is there trying to get power back, what is going on claudine? you can hear the hummers. >> reporter: they do have power and let me show you what is happening now. you have two pg&e crews. let me take you up the steps of
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city hall. they are basically on the side of st. hall and they have two big generators and that hum is working over time. we have seen crews set up in and around that area and i asked when they would be back and he said he would not know and they tried sent somebody out to talk to us. we know this work has been going on all night. let me show you video from the scene. this all started at 9:30 and this was in the basement of city hall. it did set off the sprinklers. >> we cut them off as soon as we arrived. we saw an isolated area in the basement and we still have to get the water out of there. >> reporter: back here they called pg&e to turn off the power so they can get in and clear out the water. there was light smoke in the
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rotunda and head to clear some people out but not a lot of damage but the issue this morning is getting that electrical back on and one of the things we are told is multiple sources feed into city hall and that made it more complicated. they have power but they are still doing work and we do expect them to open for business. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have continuing coverage of the cleanup efforts underway in a daily city with a massive cleanup underway. here is a look at the damage and now they have worries for rain in the forecast, tara? >> reporter: that's right. this was once a grassy field and now it looks like a martian landscape and it looks odd and we have mud up to nine feet in certain spots. we will give you an idea just
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how deep it is. if you look at this pole it is practically buried and if you pan over you can see how tall these individual poles are and that's because of a water-main which burst from where we are standing. they got a 20-foot wide 2-foot very vicinity. it -- crevice. they got cars and shovels to pull the mud out and they will file with the city or their car insurance companies for insurance. >> why couldn't you go to work? >> i couldn't turn on the car and i couldn't walk out on the mud as well because it was three feet deep. >> reporter: now the big
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concern is the weather. with rain expected in the forecast, some worry about the stability of this hillside which hits the avenue. but with waste water resources, they tell us there is no danger and still the city plans on taking precaution clearing storm drains and we will tell you what is to major. as you can imagine with that rain in the forecast that is on the minds of the folks in this neighborhood with the mud being so soft. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. now we are hearing from jill kelly involving 0 former cia director general david petraeus and then general allan. i have a guy who is in my backyard who is not leaving if
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you can send somebody out. i don't know but i am an honorary council general so i have vie and the... >> that was -- viability. >> she had been howed over the weekend and she had thousands of inappropriate e-mails with general john allan. she is an honorary council but that's not an official post an it does not have any special legal privileges. president barack obama will hold his first conference since being reelected. the many questions reporters want the president to answer. nancy pelosi is going to announce whether she will hold her post or step town. they had hoped to hold their spot and democrats had less
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than what they needed. if she continues to hold her post she would still continue to be a congresswoman in san francisco. they are about to bane protest this morning -- about to bin a protest this morning. they are vote on raising fees for fraud wait students but they plan on voting on a separate plan to increase tuition for next year. governor brown will talk about prop 30 and the measure is supposed to save the college system $250 million. well the school district has new claims for handling child a pews. it come -- child abuse. this comes from christian who accuses the school district who said they ignored her claims of being sexually abused by two
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former teachers. all staff in charge of a claim have to individually report it to police. and food banks around the bay area are asking for food and money to help the hungry. and in santa clara, they say they are halfway to reaching their goals of 6,000 turkeys it takes more than 6,000 to get through the holidays and they have more than $2 million of non-perfect around ishable -- nonperishable food for families. we are starting off well and i would say wide a wake is a good way to put it. we are already up between vallejo and berkeley. it is a nice drive, no major problems and we had some road work between the s-curve and the fremont exit and traffic is moving along nicely over to the bay bridge toll plaza.
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and 280 and 85 are off to a good start and looking at chp, it looks good when it comes to accidents or stalled vehicles. let's go to steve. a few high clouds even though it was still nice, today is warmer, there is no doubt about it and that will help temperatures warm up. it is about the same tomorrow, friday into sunday ,it looks like clouds developing, light, moderate and just a few high clouds which is keeping the overnight lows warmer, mid-50s for oakland and there is some mild patterns in place already. there will be the mildest temperatures and this system will be the first at 2 and it will be coming down out the gulf of alaska. some rain is on friday and
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again these am these are iffy. by thursday we start to cloud it up. we have some very light rain coming in and one forecast says friday is morning and friday afternoon. suffice to say, we will ease into the time ago and -- timing and it will give us a look to be an active pattern. that means temperatures are on the warm side. in the city 78 and watsonville 78 and gilroy 8 5.5 moon bay is -- 85 and a half moon bay as well. hit and miss, saturday we warm up and a stronger cooler system moves in for sunday. how easily can the
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government read your personal e- mail? the surprising number of e- mails the government receives to snoop and how google responses to that request. and a man is wanted in a murder investigation. highway four looks good coming up to the willow pass grade and we will tell you about some trouble we have had in contra costa county on the roads. at cepacol we've heard people are going to extremes to relieve their sore throats. oh, okay, you don't need to do that. but i don't want any more of the usual lozenges and i want new cooling relief! ugh. how do you feel? now i'm cold. hmm. this is a better choice. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. ahhh.
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we have new developments of an internet employer. mcphee is still be sought in connection with the death but some say he is not a suspect. he has acknowledged differences with the neighbor who was found shot to death on sunday. in a telephone conversation he had, he said he is hiding from police because he fears police want to kill him. a defense lawyer accused of a deadly rampage concludes it is incomplete. robert bails is accused of killing 16 afghan villagers. he said they filed discuss his tate of mind and whether he was suffering from postraumatic particular stress disorder. he is currently holding a
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hearing to determine if bails should be court marshalled. we have yet to hear about that sex scandal that led general david petraeus to resign. the president pulled his first post election news conference at the white house. >> reporter: no time to bask in the victory, president barack obama faces very tough questions today including whether he still has confidence in the general leading forces in afghanistan. the top general denies an extra marital affair with jill kelly, she is the florida socialite whose concern over e-mails led to reveal the affair between general david petraeus and paula broadwell. they have order an investigation saying it was the broad den thing to do -- the
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right thing to do to put obama on hold to become the military head of nato. >> nobody should lead to any couldn't likes here. general allan is -- general allen is doing an excellent job and he certainly has my confidence. >> allen is adamant he did nothing wrong but there are questions between jill kellie kelly and general john allen. google said the fbi's request to look into the e-mail account of paula broadwell is more than 900 requests in just the first half of this year.
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they comply either partially or fully most of the time. facebook is not liking the profiles showing up. the fake are you is threatening the world's largest social network. facebook is based on people using their real identities. facebook is planning a new automated system that will dump fake identification. and inside the safe way on willow pass road, the robber is described as a white man in his 20s, 6-foot tall and gave the teller a note demanding cash. police are not saying just how much was stolen. cal's head football coach will meet with the director next week to balk about it.
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he is the winningest coach and the past few seasons have not been so great. this is worse since 2001 and they have one game left this saturday at oregon state. i want to check back in with sal with traffic, any problems? >> we have a few problems. northbound 101 and in san francisco that traffic looks good. a lot of people want to know how traffic is moving through brisbane and oakland areas and no major problems as you drive through. we have a problem in contra costa, marsh creek road there is an injury crash and the traffic is because of a car that hit a deer in the area. the fire department is arriving on the scene along with medics
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and makes sure you leave extra time. thank you sal, another nice day, maybe 76 to 67 degrees and everything looks good and we have a breeze and also showing up oakland and san francisco, which is why it is on mild side and breezes will cool things up a bit. yesterday was not bad, today we bump it up and our lows are warmer and afternoon highs will be warmer as well and on the mild side, boy does everything change fast. friday the system is coming in from the west and a colder one will drop from the north and it will set the stage for a cooler weekend especially on sunday rain from the north.
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and the breeze means temperatures are coming up today and it looks night. a couple of locations still everyone close that is the spirit. half-moon bay is 72 and everything will turn tomorrow, clouds will roll in, rain friday not too heavy, rain and colder saturday night into sunday. >> thank you, steve. toyota announced 8 million cars around the world. they will recall cars around in the steering system. and some cars were build in 2009 but no accidents have been reported because of the problems and this is the second
5:21 am
recall in two two months. the nikkei opened slightly, hong kong posted 1% gain. most european markets are down this morning. checking in on our numbers futures point to a higher opening for the dow jones industrial average s&p 500 and nasdaq. it will be interesting to see what president barack obama talks about when he meets with ceos about this fiscal cliff they are talking about. and coming up, will workers find something they never expected? the hidden gem, it turned up in one of their donations boxes. >> coming up, how you can help police find your bike if you finds it missing. you can send a text sent straight to your cell phone.
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. welcome back, people are getting a glims of a solar
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eclipse. people are traffic willing from -- traveling from all -- traveling from all over the world to see it. today the native american historical society will take possession of human remains. workers discovered two human skulls. they turned up while construction crews were digging up and experts say they are native american and possibly hundreds of years old. police in the south bay say there is a spike in stolen bicycles. they jumped 63% over the same time st year. the sheriff's department say there was a 114 jump and increase in cupertino. >> we've lot the importance or
5:26 am
even a friend. that is the best way to help find your bike after it is stolen. and you can get punished for leaving your bike unlocked or unattended. goodwill store goes up for auction and now this is a hand- signed etching called reflection and it ended up in the goodwill's donation box. they authenticated that signature and it is real and they plan on auctioning it off, right now the highest bid? $1,700. either somebody is very generous or very upset, let's get rid of this junk. >> i am recovering.
5:27 am
let's go out and look at this commute. >> but i am not a hoarder, there is a difference. let's look at the injury crash, serious injuries on creek road, a deer ran out in front and trying to avoid the deer motorcyclest tried to avoid the deer and caused a crash. as you past mission boulevard head south, traffic is getting more crowded let's go to steve. we have warmer overnight lows, still 40s but by the coast. a strong easterly breeze coming off the hills it will be mild to warm, big changes coming up we will have more on that coming up in 10 minutes. imagine being able to fill up
5:28 am
your gas tank for a few dollars. gas is selling for 37 cents per gallon and they went to stock up. >> live in morgan hill, we will tell you what we are learning. and split in two, spilling thousands of gallons of water into a daily city neighborhood.
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. good morning, it is wednesday november 14th, i am dave clark. >> ran i am pam shall -- and i am pam cook, let's go to steve for a look at the weather. today should be a nice day along the coast, even some mid- 50s and market in the 60s. the warmest temperatures will be on the coast, here is sal. good morning, westbound 24, no major problems as you drive through and also, a dumptruck spill blocked traffic for more than three hours overnight. it happened on san martinez between morgan hill and gilroy. cars meanwhile could only help during the clean up put as i
5:32 am
mentioned it will continue, let's go back to the desk. a pipe burst sending thousands of gallons of water into the streets. tara moriarty joins us with the muddy mess that still needs to be cleaned up, right tara? >> reporter: look at what it left in its wake, this is tons of mud and sand and it is up to 9 feet deep in some places. now this is where it used to be a grassy field and obviously that is not happening any time soon. pub mix works is a really great angle of a 20-foot deep very
5:33 am
vicinity and the -- very chris and the break -- crevice and the break caused problems and the city brought in backhoes to dig out some of the cars and they will have to file claims with the city which most likely be on the hook for the damage. some worry about the stability of the hillside which sits behind bonnie hillside. >> we are trying to keep the water out of, you know the area so it goes into where the drains are. >> reporter: now they say engineers have determined there is no danger of the hillside slipping and he said the ruptured water is most likely the break. so far neighbors have been pleased with the cleanup
5:34 am
efforts yet. those trucks trucks arrived later in the day and all of this area had been covered in mud and had been completely cleared and they were starting to hose it down. they are moving quickly with the progress. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. a firefighter in contra costa was hurt overnight in a house fire and it happened at 12:30 last night near sherman drive. investigators are trying to figure out how four people escaped injury and a firefighter was injured and was later treated and released. >> it has been complicated by a complex roof system and we are having to tear the roof apart to be able to fully extinguish the fire. >> reporter: it took crews 20
5:35 am
minutes to knock down the flames and the estimated damage is $20,000. a shooting sent one man to the hospital. it happened on 4th street and lincoln avenue. police are looking for four men who left the scene and they are investigating this as a possible gang shooting. the man accused of killing sierra lemar is facing more charges. these new charges are stemming from separate but similar incidents, jeanine? >> antolin garcia-torres is being charged with three attempted kidnappings here at the stave ways in morgan -- safe ways at morgan hill.
5:36 am
we know antolin garcia-torres was a worker here and they describe him as being polite and they are relieved he is being charged with these crimes if he is responsible. when antolin garcia-torres was arrested, police were able to link him to two safe ways back in 2009. now in each of these injuries women were followed to their car and assaulted. in one incident a knife was used and in another, antolin garcia-torres used a stungun while hitting her. that victim spoke to us in 2009. >> he kept pulling my hair and punching me and i saw sparks coming from the side, they looked like little electrical lines. >> reporter: prosecuters say in all three incidents it happened
5:37 am
when antolin garcia-torres was a juvenile, several years before sierra lemar went missing. he is currently charged with her murder and kidnapping even though her body has never been found. he still has not enter add plea for those crimes, ktvu channel 2 morning news, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police want your help in a terrifying kidnapping incident. we will show you this surveillance video that police hope will lead to an arrest. the acting ceo for a how isn't itty company in its response to super storm sandy will step down at the end of the year. he will step down the same day they are prepared to talk about the utility.
5:38 am
they are suing because of their response to the storm-related out ands. -- outages. they spent the past two weeks helping to restore power. crew members replaced problems and it has to do with 1,000 con edison customers in brooklyn stat lend island and long island. -- staten island and long island. >> you can fill up for less than 50 cents per gallon. it happened on palo alto yesterday. they say they paid just 37 cents a gallon. look at this picture. one driver said it cost him just $3 for 79-cents per gallon. he made no comment on why the gas was so cheap. but it appears to be over.
5:39 am
now it is $3.65 per gallon at that same gas station. how does it look sal? let's go out and take a look at what we have for you. traffic here on highway 4 is looking good if you are driving let's say out to concord right now is a good time to do it. it is getting more crowded in antioch but not a huge deal yet. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is getting busier in some of those outside cash lanes and for the most part it is a nice drive. now there is a minor crash on the shoulder and for the most part traffic is off to a decent start. 5:30 let's go to -- 5:39 let's go to steve. it is making it to the coast and it's really mild, i mean from half-moon bay, half-
5:40 am
moon bay airports 59 degrees and 58 and 55 in christie fields and it is going to be a very warm day on the coast, that easterly president even warm along the coast upper 70s. it will start to increase clouds into friday and that is when rain starts. 55 in east oakland and that's the official temperature in san francisco and i have seen warmer temperatures than that. 40s and although it is getting close to upper 30s in santa rosa. higher clouds will be with us although mostly fair and the system we are waiting for is off the coast and it will be kicked in by another stronger system friday night and saturday. not as warm but still we
5:41 am
cleared up. rain developing and picking up in intensity over the weekend. it looks cold and we start to cloud it up and that is hit and miss. by friday night here comes the next band and the stronger system, that will be the next one that kicks in and especially to the north bay. that easterly breeze means mile pmild on the coast and the days are so short pie about 3:00 it will be 72.$♪ thursday it clouds up and rain begins friday and we have a stronger system which comes in and that will be a colder system with heavier rain. i am getting hungry, pam. if you like crabs, prices could
5:42 am
go up as crab season finally gets underway. and new information on where three pilots were headed when they crashed into a home in mississippi. good morning traffic is looking good crossing 880 no major problems there, we will tell you more about the commute and the bay area weather. before cold & flu season, help prevent
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with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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. cleaning up a major mess after yesterday's big water pipe mess. a water pipe broke in 2 and sent 4 5,000 gallons of water down the street. look at all the mud. it created a muddy mess. several cars were parked and they were caked up to their wheels and the cleanup continues. the city park is also buried in mud. president barack obama is expected to make his first public comments about the sex scandal of general david petraeus. he is expected to have his
5:46 am
conference 10:30 this morning. new information on a plane crash. they were on their way to a safety conference and they asked pilots to return near jackson shortly after take off but they never made it. all three pilots were killed. one person escaped the burning home with minor injuries. and it left more than two dozen homes uninhabitantability. the owner said the furnace had been having problems. natural gas they believe is the cause of the explosion. they say they have not found any leaks in the pipes that led to the house. police in walnut creek want your help. they are trying catch two men, they are accused of kidnapping a woman so they could steel her
5:47 am
atm card. they kidnapped the 57-year-old woman and held her captive as they drove around trying withdraw money from several atms. they eventually abandoned her in the oakland hills. she was able to get some help. one man is 5-foot 11 inches tall weighing 185 pounds and has short dark hair. the second kidnapper is white in his early-to-mid 20s, 5-foot 9 weighing about 150 pounds. people are upset they will have to pay more to have their garbage picked up next year. they approved to raise rates almost 17% starting in january. that is an increase of 55 cents
5:48 am
per month. crabbers from half-moon bay to bodega bay will be allowed to set traps at 6:00 a.m. crabbers reached a dale with fish processers at $3 per pound and that price is 50% higher than last year. >> i got a spot i want to get there if i can but you never know with these guys. they may be tonight already. >> the crab season initially starts tomorrow. crabbers can set their traps today and they can't pull them in until midnight. time 5:48 let's check in with sal, how the traffic? we have started off the morning with not that many problems especially on the major roads. let's look at the east shore freeway, things are getting filled especially from vallejo all the way to the mcarthur
5:49 am
maze. yesterday was a slow day and traffic is moving well right now. there are traffic problems if you are driving on interstate 880. just looking at the south bay map, i just noticed something popped up on contra costa on the on ramp and police are actually heading out to the scene to check it out and we will let you know. here is steve. we have a very warm pattern on the coast already. temperatures in half-moon bay are almost 60 degrees all the way to san francisco so higher clouds to warm. this will be the warmest day of the week. more of the same tomorrow but cooler. we have more clouds and some rain is developing on friday but more likely two systems are to the west of it.
5:50 am
there is a pretty good breeze. word is just balmy. cool to mild, high clouds, warmest temperatures will be on the water's edge. we will have 55 downtown oakland, hayward 53 and 54 degrees, some mild conditions. these higher clouds will drift by and they may take the edge off. there is enough in place for a warm pattern. mid-70s on the coast. starting tomorrow it will cool down and we have clouds and rain developing. higher clouds look good, and there is some wind on the contra caldecott. it is warmer on the berkeley side. 74 in oakland, 72 passive can.
5:51 am
-- pacifica. and 62 degrees at the harbor and yacht club. rain begins nothing too heavy on friday and it's into the washout but it will be a rainy pattern especially on sunday. just a few minutes ago, retail sales and the biggest drop was without car sales which held steady. as the price per gallon dropped they bought more gas. and holiday sales may be losing some of their power. some of the biggest brick and mortar are taking aim at amazon. they are offering speedier delivery. amazon is also losing some of its price advantage since they have to collect sales tax in several states including california.
5:52 am
it turned deadly, what they had to say about the fresh picked meal in fresno that had a horrible ending. oakland police officers gave one family a first day they would never forget. what are you doing there?
5:53 am
5:54 am
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. time now 5:54, skiers will hit some of the slopes earlier than normal. they will open two days ahead of schedule and they just had more than three feet of snow but for now only certain trails will be open. investigators from fresno now know where the poisonous mushrooms at an elder care facility came from. they came from the backyard of the home and they had no idea the mushrooms had sprouted after recent rains. the mushrooms were put into assume. two died including four others who were hospitalized. oil refineries and power
5:56 am
plants will buy emission credits. if they emit fewer carbons they can sell them to other companies. they are expected to raise a billion dollars and critics warn it will hurt business and chamber of commerce filed a lawsuit. violent crimes have increased almost 38% and property crimes are up more than 3 5%. that number of arrests dropped and the police force has two- thirds of the 126 officers they are supposed to have but they are in the process of hiring new ones. they are praising 3 oakland police officers who helped to successfully deliver their brand-new baby boy at a gas station. they met with the family yesterday four days after the baby was born.
5:57 am
they realized they would not have made it so they pulled into a gas station at the oakland do and police officers just happened to be there and they rushed into help. >> i am glad they were there. they can'ted me down and came back to see me at the hospital. everything was fine, it worked out well. >> by the way, the new baby is named nolan right across the treat from where the baby was born. let's check in with sal for traffic. things are getting more crowded and 280 continues to look good getting to highway 17 and more cars are getting on the road, westbound 580 santa rita, we just had report of a crash so we will check that
5:58 am
out. and westbound on fremont looks good, let's go back to the desk. an overnight explosion and fire in san francisco city hall, we will have more on why repair crews are still working on the problem. temperatures will be mild to warm and we will talk about that plus a big changeover the weekend. for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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